Book 2: Ballooning, mushrooming, snowballing

June 19, 2017


                                                                                                    Marcus Aurelius, earlier. 



I don't know who said*, "Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen" but whilst it's clearly nonsense, it's something that has been rattling around my mind lately. 


Reader, it feels like something is happening - something good. This is bad. Usually when I feel like something is happening - something good - it soon unravels.


Who knows, perhaps this time things will be different. The last time I set up a blog to murmur alongside a public challenge things started well before I lost my mind, hair, wife and ability to not chain smoke - all within a year. Powerful stuff. Thankfully, having lost all of those things I can't lose them again. 


So, since taking on this 4NL to £5/10 live challenge by bankroll has ballooned, mushroomed, snowballed. This is what we want as poker players - bankrolls that balloon, mushroom and snowball rather than tired, mean, withering ones. Less than a week's worth of playing saw my initial £40 more than triple to £125.


I sat down and wrestled with the figures: If I continued to triple my bankroll weekly, then within ten weeks I would have £7,381,125.


That's a lot of pounds.


But let's not carried away. That's not really how bankrolls and poker work. Apparently things get tougher as you move up levels or something. 


That said, since tripling it I've tripled it again, so perhaps that's precisely how things work if, you know, the universe is on your side. Let's find out next time, shall we. 



* not true, I know EXACTLY who said this - Ralph Waldo Emerson. Although there have been various iterations stretching back hundreds and thousands of years. Fortunately, space doesn't allow the time to go into any of them. That's SPACE, reader, not knowledge. 


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Book 2: Ballooning, mushrooming, snowballing

June 19, 2017

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