Book 1: The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing

June 13, 2017


Welcome to Pokercism. 


I don't know who said,* "The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing," but it seems appropriate right now. My timing has always been off.


Take poker. 


I got into poker at the dog end of 2011 - after the poker boom had swanned in and then swanned out again, when games were getting tougher. They've continued to toughen up ever since.


And now this. Launching a blog. In 2017. 


And not only that, but launching a blog about poker and Stoicism when my faith in both are at a five-year low. Some life. Some timing.


So it looks as if I am not simply doing the right thing at the wrong time, I'm doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Who knows though, perhaps by some curious mathematical quirk, doing the wrong thing at the wrong time will work like a double negative and actually turn out to be the right thing. 


Yep, I know, that thinking is ambitious. What is also ambitious, are my designs for the raft of months stretching out before me: to go from the microiest of micro stakes, to touring the UK playing live cash games by the end of the year and - and this is the good bit, this bit is really cutting edge - vlogging about it. 


Wish me luck. I suspect I'll need it. 



* not true, I know exactly who said it, as five minutes before writing this post, I googled something like "Quotes about time" and up popped Joshua Harris, a pastor who lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland. So thanks for the wise words, Joshua. (Although I actually screwed up the quote which is: The right thing at a wrong time is a wrong thing. Oh well, Pokercism will not shy away from screwing up from time to time.)



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